Our faces bear the imprints of both our soul and health. They can mirror our vitality but also display our stresses and strains. Whereas our laugh lines evoke sympathies other wrinkles are deeply embedded into our faces and convey an expression of grief or fatigue. Additionally, exposure to sunlight, nicotine and other environmental influences can leave its mark.

Our lips are considered one of our most sensual means of expression. Full lips have always been an icon of attractiveness.

Into both lips and wrinkles we can insert so-called fillers.

From crinkles to wrinkles, we can diminish most lines, sometimes even eradicate them entirely. The final result depends on their depths, your skin condition and also your lifestyle.

A highly efficient method of treatment is an injection with hyaluronic acid, a natural skin component that bolsters and thus smoothens out wrinkles. It can be precisely dosed and is generally well-tolerated. The substance is naturally disposed of and has a duration of effect from four to six months.

Another option consists in injecting endogenous fat, also known as Lipofilling. In this procedure, fat is removed from certain body parts, processed and then injected into a wrinkle. To obtain best results this procedure should be repeated two to three times. Usually, treatment is ambulatory.

The effect is permanent.