By the use of Botulinum facial muscles are relaxed quickly and easily. Muscular relaxation smoothes wrinkles.

Especially its administration to forehead and frown lines as well as eye wrinkles (crow’s feet) has an astonishing effect. Depending on individual wrinkling more distinct lines fade noticeably. In addition, Botulinum may also be used prophylactically in order to prevent the emergence of new wrinkles.

Facial expressions remain natural but obtain an essentially more energetic look.

Using extremely thin hypodermic needles we inject a precise dosage of the substance into the respective muscle

The ambulatory treatment takes but a few minutes. Bit by bit the body disposes of the substance.

It takes Botulinum a couple of days to come into effect. Afterwards its duration will vary, usually from three to six months. Repeated treatment may prolong its efficacy.

Your skin will become more smooth and your appearance more relaxed.

Migraineurs may benefit from a particular side-effect: Injections of Botulinum oftentimes ameliorate symptoms of headaches.

Once its effect abates, the treatment can be repeated. It provides not only for youthful looks but also defers skin aging.