Fulfill your desires …

… with a flexible financing model.

From now on, you need no longer postpone or even abandon your wishes for implants or cosmetic surgery.

With our *finance models from 0,00%** we provide competent service at all times.

*Depending on contract and runtime.

The way to go:

You determine personally the credit amount as well as its installments and runtime. Financing up to 4,000€ requires no particular proof of income as long as you provide a valid ID or passport along with a debit card issued to your name.
Not to worry about implementation. First, we determine costs in a private counseling session. Then, we apply together for a grant to your requirements.
Our cooperating bank considers and decides immediately on the credit application – discreetly, unbureaucratically and fast.

Sample finance plan:

For instance, for your individual treatment you need to finance 3,000€. Over a runtime of 6 months and at a fixed interest rate of 0,00% you pay 500€ each month. For a runtime of 12 months at 2,9% interest payments amount to 254€. For 24 months at 6,9% you pay only 134€ a month.

General requirements:

Minimum age: 18 years
Current residency*
Valid ID or passport, possibly a grant of permanent residency*
permanent employment contract
fixed-term employment contract during credit period

*Temporarily issued documents will not be accepted.