In a bleaching therapy, the teeth are brightened artificially by using certain chemical reactions. Teeth change their color when a person consumes things like nicotine, red wine, coffee or tea.

Small particles of color stick to the teeth and adhere permanently.

After root canal treatment teeth may turn grayish from the interior because blood fills the tiny canals of the dentin. Another possibility is that teeth change color simply from aging. As long as it’s applied correctly, bleaching is a perfectly safe technique. Sometimes the treated teeth may become more sensitive for a while, but this sensation fades away after a few days.

The recommended agent to treat healthy discolored teeth is Carbamide Peroxide in concentrations between 10 and 35 %. It oxidizes the pigment molecules, which leads to discoloring.

Bleaching will only brighten your actual teeth. It has no effect on fillings, prostheses or dentures. Complications can occur if you suffer from exposed necks of teeth or have troubles with your gums.
Please consult us before treatment!

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